Through classics like War of the Worlds & Wuthering Heights!


Solve puzzles to save the cities! Use Clues when you're stuck!


Across 20 levels of fun, custom art & original soundtracks.


  • CHALLENGE yourself with fast paced mayhem on all 20 levels.
  • BEAT your friends on the Facebook leaderboard.
  • EASY and fun to start playing. Difficult to master.


  • GORGEOUS new full-color artwork for each book!
  • LOVELY upbeat Original Sound Track for each book!
  • UPDATED often with new animations, giveaways & more
  • SHARE your experience with your friends

Addictive Fun!

  • REPLAY levels to improve your feather rating from 1 up to 3!
  • MASTER words to defeat foes faster & get more points!
  • SCORE high and reap the rewards with more clues.
  • BUY clues in our store, also GET FREE clues with watch a video

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