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18 August, 2016



Pandora's Books



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Unscramble your way to victory in this free, fast paced, brain teasing game. Use your skills and help Pandora defend cities of classic books by unscrambling words and defeating monsters until no more remain. Don't let the monsters destroy your town! With 20 levels of fun - the challenge has been set. Luckily Pandora has some clues available from her magical library to give you a helping hand.

What some of our testers had to say:

"I've never seen a game like this before that mixes a word unscrambler with a monster shooter. Somehow it just works. Love it!" - C Wolstenholme. Brisbane, Australia

"Pandoras books is a fun, entertaining game that'll keep you hooked." - K Cooper. Auckland, New Zealand


  • CHALLENGE yourself with fast paced mayhem on all 20 levels. Easy and fun to play. Difficult to master.
  • COLLECT unscrambled words to reveal quotes from the book. Collect all the quotes!
  • EXPLORE HG Wells' 'War of the Worlds' for FREE
  • GET clues by defeating monsters
  • USE clues to help solve the words from classic books
  • GAIN access to more classics such as 'Wuthering Heights', 'Hound of the Baskervilles' and 'At the Mountains of Madness'
  • SOUNDTRACK and full-color scenes with each book
  • BEAT your friends on the Facebook leaderboard
  • SHARE your experience with your friends


App Preview Trailer 

Gameplay footage July 27th v1.2 YouTube


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About Smithsoft


In 2015 Smithsoft started working on a game about monsters and typing words fast, which we called "Word Monsters!", only to much later discover that some little games company called Rovio already had a game with that name. It was lucky for us because Pandora's Books is a different and much better game than we would have made with the original title. We also rebuilt Smithsoft with some great new talent in 2016 and our new team brings a wonderful new magic to this game. We hope you love playing it!

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We make beautiful games for all players.

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More information on Smithsoft, our logo & relevant media are available on our studio website.

Pandora's Books Credits

Sarah Smith
Founder & Programmer

Wren Brier
Art Direction & Design

Jane Dyson
Marketing & Production

Crystal Htay
QA, Community Management & Level Design

Camila Duran
Background Artist

Zander Hulme
Music & Sound Designer

Sidra Munawar
Background Artist

Sean Warton
Marketing Art & Trailer Development


Team Bios

  • Sarah Smith - Founder and Programer
    • A veteran programmer, Sarah Smith (Founder of Smithsoft) has been developing games of all kinds since the 1990s, mostly in her spare time. As a Software Engineer, Sarah has worked for high profile tech companies such as Google and Nokia. Her work has taken her around the world including Silicon Valley, Germany & Norway. Since moving back to Australia in 2012 she established Smithsoft with her partner Raymond Smith where she acted as an IT consultant and worked as a solo Indie games developer. In 2016, she’s now realised her ambition to bring her passion for games to life by establishing Smithsoft Games.
  • Wren Brier - Art Direction
    • Wren has been involved in the local Brisbane games industry as an artist since her first year in university, and has been working as a professional in the industry for four years. Most of that time was spent at Halfbrick, working on the studio’s flagship titles, Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja. Wren has a Masters Degree in Creative Industries from QUT, where she majored in animation. She regularly participates in the Fab 48 Hour Game Making Challenge; her most recent game won an award for Best Graphics. Wren also co-runs the Women in Games Brisbane group, advocating for women in the industry.
  • Jane Dyson - Marketing and Production
    • Jane's 18 year career in the marketing industry has taken her to London, Melbourne and now more recently to Brisbane, Australia. Jane has worked for a number of large corporates including Lloyds TSB, ANZ, AXA and Bupa as well as some small start-ups. Jane has now dived into the world of games / apps marketing and production and is enjoying every minute.
  • Crystal Htay - Design Assistance, QA and Community Management
    • Throughout her degree, Crystal has expressed her passion for game development through game jams and university club involvement. Though a recent graduate, Crystal has been involved in multiple projects and has even received an award for level design from Blizzard. Crystal now looks into further expanding her career in the Brisbane game development scene.
  • Zander Hulme - Music and Sound
    • Zander is an up-and-coming composer and sound designer working predominantly in games and animation. His film projects have won awards and screened at renowned international festivals including Festival de Cannes and Bristol Encounters Short Film Festival. Whilst working full-time as a game audio freelancer in Brisbane on indie games such as Sling Kong and Steppy Pants, he is also finishing a Master’s degree, researching new ways to implement adaptive game music.
  • Camila Duran - Background Artist
    • Camila Duran is a self-taught graphic artist. She has studied film in Santiago, Chile before moving to Brisbane, Australia. She participated in the 48 hour game jam in 2014 where her team won Best Graphics. She published her first preview comic, Las Formidables, in June 2016 and a full-length publication is forth-coming in 2017.
  • Sidra Munawar - Background Artist
    • Sidra is a passionate, serious, punctual and highly skilled Cartoonist, Illustrator and Game Designer having experience of more than 7 years in this field. She has vast experience in a number of successful projects with international clients from all over the world.

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